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All the info like MCJ Server IP address, Mumble Chat Server info including a MCJ Player statistics.

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MCJ Server Rules Page

Please, before you join our server and play, read these rules to avoid miscommunication.

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MCJ Live Map

Check out this live map rendering of MCJ world. It is pretty big with lots of towns and buildings.



Mcmmo: Mcmmo is the plugin that enables skills on our server. First thing your gonna want to know is the help command for mcmmo, you can find this by typing /mcmmo. This will show you the commands that show your stats. As well as specific stats.

To find your own stats type: /mcstats.

To find the info on the skill you are training type /(Skill name)

Power level is a part of mcmmo which is keeps track of your added up skill levels. (Power level is good for nothing except bragging rights). You can see the highest power levels by typing /mctop, or if you looking for something farther down you have to type /mctop (Number)

Ex: /mctop 3. This would give you from 21-30.

You can also find the the high scores for individual skills by typing /mctop (Skill name). Once again you can include numbers to go farther down the list

Ex: /mctop herbalism 5. This gives you from 41-50 for herbalism.

Skills and abilities:

Gathering Skills:

Excavation: This lets you gather misc materials from digging dirt, sand, and gravel. You can level this up by digging the three listed above. (You can right click with a shovel and be able to one hit blocks.)

Fishing: While fishing you can now gain things such as armor, and weapons. You can level this up by simply fishing.( This skill has no active)

Herbalism: This gives you double drops on crops such as wheat cactus, etc. You can level this up by gathering crops. (If you right click with a hoe you are able right click seeds on cobble stone and make it mossy cobblestone, at the price of seeds.)

Mining: This give you double drops off of cobblestone as well as ores you find in the earth. (right click with a pickaxe lets you one hit cobblestone and other ores, this will also increase your drop chance to get Increased drop chance)

Woodcutting: woodcutting is one of the gathering skills in mcmmo. It is leveled by cutting down trees with a axe. At high levels of woodcutting, you get a higher double drop chance (getting more than one log per log you break).

Combat Skills:

Axes: Axes allows you to use an axe as a wepon. Dealing increased damage as well if used in pvp can destroy the opponents armor. You are also able to critically strike someone for bonus damage.

Archery:  With archery you use a bow and arrow for combat. With archey you can increase your level by shooting players and mobs. As you increase your archery level you have a higher chance to “Skill Shot” Skillshot does increased damage judging by by your chance.
Ex: 75% skillshot chance, you do 75% extra damage.
With archery you are able to “Daze” an opposing player in pvp making them look straight up, or straight down. The chance of dazeing a player also increases as your archery level increases.

Swords: swords is the basic combat stat you can level it up by hitting anything hostile with a sword in hand; players, mobs, ect.. leveling up swords does not make you do more damage, what it does is gives you stronger bleed. Bleed is the sword affect that makes your opponent take damage even after hitting them. Leveling your swords increases bleed length as well as your chance to make your opponent bleed. Another part of swords is counter attacks! Counter attack is when your opponent takes damage from hitting you, your chance goes up the higher your swords skill is. Your bleed length is measured in ticks, 1 tick is 2 seconds, when you right click you activate your ability, serrated strikes, this makes your bleed last for 5 ticks.

Taming: Taming is the skill where your dogs fight for you. This skill lets dogs do extra effects to enemies such as monsters, or players. With this skill you have the ability to summon dogs by holding 10 bones in your inventory, shifting and punching the ground.
Extra taming effects:
Critical Strike that applies a Bleed effect. Gore enables your wolf to do a critical hit that causes Bleed (DoT, Damage over Time) on the wolf’s target.

Fast food service:
50% chance for Wolves to heal 4 points(two hearts) on attack.

Environmentally aware :
Cactus/ Lava awareness, immune to fall damage – wolves avoid danger.

Thick fur:
Halved damage, fire resistance.

Explosions do 1/6 normal damage to Wolves-you won’t have to deal with creepers mass-murdering your four legged friends anymore.

Sharpened claws:
Wolves deal extra damage

Unarmed: Unarmed  is a combat skill that is leveled by hitting hostile mobs, like the other combat skills. Unarmed is an interesting skill, at level 250 it gains bonus damage, because you gain the Iron Arm Style. You also gain the chance to “Disarm” your opponent in pvp, another skill unarmed gives you is arrow deflect, the chance arrows won’t hit/damage you. The final skill unarmed gives you is berserk, berserk does two things: 1. It gives you a 50% damage increase and 2. It makes it so you break weak materials instantly so, sand, dirt or gravel.


Acrobatics:  Acrobatics is a skill that you can use to negate fall damage as well as dodge enemy attacks. You can negate fall damage by using either graceful or normal role. You can graceful role by holding shift as you fall. Note:You will only negate all fall damage up to a certain point. The normal roll is a passive ability were when you fall you can negate damage up to a certain point as well but you do not need to hold shift. Dodging is another useful skill, it is a passive skill that allows you to negate ½ the damage of any hit. Both graceful roll and roll can reach a cap of 100%. Dodging can only reach a cap of 25%. Roll and dodge cap at skill level 100. But graceful rolling will reach 100% climax at skill level 500.

Repair: Repair is a skill that you level up with a anvil (Iron block) and a damaged item. your right click the iron block while holding the damaged tool/weapon while having the material its made of in your inventory it will slightly repair the item. At level 50 you can start repairing diamond. In later levels of repair you get Arcan Forging, arcan forging is the skill to repair enchanted items, without losing the enchantments as often. There is also repair mastery, that increases how well you repair items and finally Super repair, super repair gives you a repair that is double its normal effectiveness

BY: Maxse123 and Kaos1559!

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