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All the info like MCJ Server IP address, Mumble Chat Server info including a MCJ Player statistics.

MCJ Server Rules

MCJ Server Rules Page

Please, before you join our server and play, read these rules to avoid miscommunication.

MCJ Server Map

MCJ Live Map

Check out this live map rendering of MCJ world. It is pretty big with lots of towns and buildings.

MCJ Server Rules

1. Don’t Grief – Griefing includes breaking any block that has been placed by another player, taking items from chests or otherwise making the life of another player difficult. If in doubt, ask a staff member before you take action. We will ban any griefers on sight. TNT is disabled on the server for this reason, and attempting to use will result in an instant and permanent ban.

2. No hacking or exploiting the game – Don’t take advantage of SMP bugs to make the game unfair. The tool drop exploit is allowed, as are mods like MC Patcher. Anything else should be cleared with staff first, and any evidence of using an exploit to give yourself an advantage will get you banned.

3. Build Sensibly – Some areas have different rules, but mostly you can build where you want on here. That doesn’t mean you can ignore your neighbours and do whatever you please, though. Avoid building giant lava and water towers, and don’t building floating objects without giving them proper supports. If in doubt, ask in chat.

4. Read the website before you play – It takes 2 minutes to read the website everyday to make sure you are up to date with the server. If a rule changes and you didn’t read the site to find out, it is your fault. Constantly asking questions of staff that are already answered on the site may also get you banned.

5. Be polite – When talking in main chat, please refrain from anything that might be considered bad taste, including sexual remarks and excessive swearing. Be polite when talking to other users and keep swearing and caps to a minimum. You don’t have to be friends with everyone who plays, but we expect you to respect everyone.

6. You are responsible for your actions – We’ve heard the excuse ‘it was my friend/sister’ so many time, and it’s gotten old. If you can’t keep your account secure, and someone logs in as you and griefs, you will still be banned. Keep your password secure, and keep it safe

How to not get banned – Some friendly advice

1. Read the rules fully and look around the forums before you log in to the server for the first time.

2. Read the news website EVERY TIME you log on to the game. Checking out the news website once a day will keep you up to date, stops the staff from having to spend all their time asking questions we’ve already answered and stops you from getting banned due to ignorance.

3. ASK a staff member or create a post on the forums if you are unsure. Providing you’ve read the news forum and rules, we’re more than happy to answer your questions. If you think what you might be about to do will break any of the above rules, talk to us first and we’ll do our best to help you understand.

4. Be polite to the staff. They are not power hungry abusers or madmen. We make sure all our staff are sensible, polite and intelligent. If they ask you a question, answer it. If they accuse you of something it’s only becuase they are trying to understand what happened, and if you act polite and respectful, you wont run into any problems.

5. Treat other users with respect. Ask them questions and be nice to them. Even if someone annoys you, take the higher ground and just ignore them or, if its serious, tell a staff member who will sort it out. Don’t argue back and bring yourself down to their level.


MCJ Status

MCJ Server Status

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