MCJ Server Info

MCJ Server Info Page

All the info like MCJ Server IP address, Mumble Chat Server info including a MCJ Player statistics.

MCJ Server Rules

MCJ Server Rules Page

Please, before you join our server and play, read these rules to avoid miscommunication.

MCJ Server Map

MCJ Live Map

Check out this live map rendering of MCJ world. It is pretty big with lots of towns and buildings.


Plugin Tutorial!


Lwc is our locking plugin, mostly for chests, furnaces, etc
Some commands you have with LWC are:

/lwc – a command that shows you all the lwc commands you have at your disposal.

/cprivate locks something so that only you can open it.

/cpassword <password> this command locks something using a password, you Need to remember the password. If not you will lose access.

/cpublic makes a public lock, its locked. But anyone can open this chest.

/cremove removes all locks on a locked block/block.

/cunlock <password> this is the command you use to unlock a password locked chest/block, you right click the block then it will ask you to do it. Enter that command and the password in chat and you will have access until you log out.

MCJ Status

MCJ Server Status

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