Donation page

As you may have guessed, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to keep the server running at optimum efficiency. On top of that, monthly server costs come straight from our pockets.

We’d greatly appreciate any contribution made to the server – big or small. All contributions are used solely for paying server upkeep and upgrades: we do not use any money for personal agendas.

You do not have to donate in order to play, but your contribution well better the community as a whole. For that, we give you our sincere gratitude.

<$10 – 10k for every $1 Donated.

$10 – Lower level perks plus, Two addition /homes (Totaling Three), Golden Chat color, and a Nickname.

$20 – Lower level perks plus an addition /home (Totaling Four), An enchanting book with Efficiency III, and a Silk Touch Enchanting book.

$30 – Lower level perks plus an addition /home (Totaling Five), Three more Enchanting books: Sharpness V, Power V, Unbreaking III.

$40 – Lower level perks plus an addition /home (Totaling Six)

$50 – Lower level perks plus an addition /home (Totaling Seven)

Remember, anything you donate helps us with bandwidth, mumble and site operations, and also server upgrades. Even if you only donating a dollar. If you enjoy our community and servers and want to donate, please click on donate.

Please use the secure method below for a PayPal donation. Also, please do not forget to type in your in game name in the comments section of paypal, so we know who donated.

Thank you , and have fun…