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Please, before you join our server and play, read these rules to avoid miscommunication.

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Minecraft SMP

minecraft smp

Minecraft SMP  what does it stand for? SMP is for Survival Multi Player… now you can impress your friends and family by using this fancy shmansy abbreviation.

So you’ve played single player Minecraft and now your fingers are itching to play some good ole zombie survival with other people online. You know your terminology, (you are welcome), but you have no idea where to find all these minecraft smp servers everybody talking about. First step, is to check out the original listing on  though it is outdated a lot.


You can always use Reddit for a more up to date server listing.  You can also try MCServerlist or Minecraft Server List. By the way, if you like our server, please up vote us on these server listing sites.


Minecraft Server Properties

Minecraft Server Properties is the most important config file you will have when you running Minecraft Server. It is a small text file with .txt extension that will get generated in your Minecraft folder after you run your server executable  for the first time. It is pretty straight forward but some people still confused on what should be in and what will it do.

I will post a simple minecraft server properties file and go over each option:

This one is simple, if you do not want people build their own portals to the nether just choose false. If you want to allow that, well, change it to true

This one would be your default world name. If you have multiple worlds, this would be where everyone goes upon the connection.

This one is pretty much useless. I would say ignore it and leave it alone.

Pretty simple too. If you want people to use flight mods, then change it to true

Default port for any minecraft server is 25565. If you want to change or if you running different minecraft servers on the same machine, you will have to run them on different ports.

Lots of people use plugins to generate worlds, if you do not use them, server will read this setting and create a world either default or flat.

Enabled remote access to the server. If you using bukkit or some kind of web administration software for minecraft, do not even worry about this setting and keep it at false

Add a seed either number , word, phrase that server will use to generate the world.

Leave this blank unless you want it to bind to some other IP address

Max build height allowed for building. Terrain might still generate above it

True if you want in game player characters to spawn, false if you do not.

If you want to allow only people on a list to connect to your server, change it to true. You will have to have a whitelist txt file with usernames of allowed players



Determines if animals spawn or not

Unless you do not care if people connect under any username including yours and completely destroy your world, keep this setting at true. This will check if players logged in or not via

Do you want your players to be able to slay each other or not

Again, pretty simple. Anything from 0=Peacefull to 3=Hard, 2=Normal.

Whatever you want your server name be.
server-name=Mybestess Minecraft Server Ever

Zero for survival, One for Creative.

Whatever you want the max allowed players number be. Just remember, your hardware may not be able to handle if they all connect.

Do you want mobs on your server.

10 is a default distance since far setting is 9. If you want to reduce lag, try reducing this number which in return will reduce amount of chunks sent to your clients.

This is for generation of NPC villages. Decide if you want them on your server or not.

If you are not using any plugins for the welcome message upon connection to your server, use this setting to display your message
motd=Harro, welcome to my awesome server

That should give you the most common setting for a Minecraft server. You do not have to have them in bold. I just did it so you can see it better in this post


How to build portal to Nether

By now most of Minecraft players heard of this land from hell called Nether that came with the Halloween update. If you feel a little bored and want to do some exploration, this post if for you.

Easiest way to build this Nether portal is to use lava and water. You will need to make a bucket first if you haven’t already. To build a bucket you will need to use iron ingots . And to make iron ingots you need to find iron ore blocks. So:

1. Find this block under ground and cliffs:

2. Smelt it into iron ingots by using your furnace and placing wood at the bottom and iron block on top. Result will be nice stack of iron ingots.

3. Take the iron ingots you made and use them to make yourself and brand new shiny bucket which is perfect for carrying lava, water and milk.

4. Now you have to find or make the Obsidian stone that you will use to make your portal. It is very tough to find it and you will need to have a diamond pick to mine it. So the easiest way is to farm it, which basically means you make it yourself.

The other way would be for you to carry with you couple of buckets of water down deep under ground and find some lava . You will have to make sure it is flat like lava pool not flowing down type of lava and dump your water out of bucket onto the lava. It will turn it into obsidian blocks.

5. You take those blocks and build yourself a portal 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks tall leaving a 1×2 open space in the middle.

6. Make yourself a flint and iron fire starter out of iron ingot and flint. You find flint by destroying gravel blocks which is 10 percent chance.


7. Take your iron starter and set the middle of portal you just built on fire. Once it catches fire, purple hue will appear in the middle. Your portal is now ready.

Before you step through this portal, you should probably have multiple weapons with you and bring some buckets with water or if you got extra obsidian stone, take that with you instead. Basically, you want to be able to build another portal on the other side, just in case the evil forces on other side destroy it. Also, don’t forget the torches…

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