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All the info like MCJ Server IP address, Mumble Chat Server info including a MCJ Player statistics.

MCJ Server Rules

MCJ Server Rules Page

Please, before you join our server and play, read these rules to avoid miscommunication.

MCJ Server Map

MCJ Live Map

Check out this live map rendering of MCJ world. It is pretty big with lots of towns and buildings.

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Server Updates coming up

In the next couple of days we will be updating our Minecraft Server bukkit and plugins to the newest and latest software. If you see server going down, please do not panic. You will not loose anything and once we put it back up you will be able to continue from the same spot. As far as we know all the plugins should be working with the new bukkit release but there might be some glitches so please be patient. We have lots of plugins running in the background so a lot more chances for something to glitch.

Mumble Error

Some of the users may report problems launching the Mumble client this morning, citing the error message: A referral was returned from the server.

This error is happening due to the expiration of the certificate used to sign the Mumble executable. A re-signed version has been released, and is available for download from the Mumble project home page.

Please be sure  to uninstall Mumble before installing the updated version. The updated version can be downloaded from here:

Happy New Year!!!

Here at Minecraft Junkie we would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

Stats updates and stuff

If you haven’t noticed we’ve updated player mcmmo web stats. The bad part is that we are not able to display fishing stats, but we will keep on working on it. You would thing with the MCMMO popularity that it would be easy to find a web stats parsing code, but I guess not. There is one more possibility with another web stats program that allows us to show MCMMO, money and achievements on the web for each individual player but its not functioning right now. We are in the process of hacking the code , trying to figure out what went wrong.

Also command /who now lists connected players by groups just like it used to and all the players except non registered ones, will have rank prefix next to their names now.

Another big update

As some of you know, we took the server down for couple of hours to do some major updates. The only new plugin that was installed was simple spleef. We will have official spleef arena hopefully very soon, but users also will be able to create their own arenas. We’ve updated half of our plugins from the developers edition to the official releases, so if you find any glitches please let us know on the forums.

We also in the process of expanding perks to the people that donated. As of now if you donated more than $10.00 you will get ability to setup 3 homes, gold text and yo u will still get 10,000.00 coins for every $1.00 you donate. We will be adding some other extra perks for people that donate more than $30.00 or $50.00 very soon. Check out this post by TorchDeleter on some ideas and suggestions on those perks.

Remember, anything you donate helps us with bandwidth, mumble and site operations, and also server upgrades. Even if you only donating a dollar. If you enjoy our community and servers and want to donate, please go to our donate page. Thanks…

MCJ Status

MCJ Server Status

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