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MCJ Server Info Page

All the info like MCJ Server IP address, Mumble Chat Server info including a MCJ Player statistics.

MCJ Server Rules

MCJ Server Rules Page

Please, before you join our server and play, read these rules to avoid miscommunication.

MCJ Server Map

MCJ Live Map

Check out this live map rendering of MCJ world. It is pretty big with lots of towns and buildings.

Beta Killed my Server

If you having problems connecting to Minecraft multiplayer servers starting today, it is because of the long anticipated Beta update. There are multiple reports of beta server software being really buggy but not single player.
Common problems:

1. Server CPU usage went up 40 to 60 percent which makes servers very laggy and impossible to use.

2. Most if not all server side plugins are not working with the new Beta for now since plugin developers haven’t updated them yet. Because of that lots of server administrators shut down their servers.

3. Due to Beta update, lots of existing alpha worlds got lost or overwritten. If your server administrator never backed up any files….well he just lost all of it.

4. Whitelist and other commands do not work… see point #1.

5. Because of all of the above problems, lots of server owners switching back to alpha which created lots of confusion for players.

I know it sucks, especially for people running servers but I do believe Beta patch in the works right now.


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MCJ Server Status

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