MCJ Server Info

MCJ Server Info Page

All the info like MCJ Server IP address, Mumble Chat Server info including a MCJ Player statistics.

MCJ Server Rules

MCJ Server Rules Page

Please, before you join our server and play, read these rules to avoid miscommunication.

MCJ Server Map

MCJ Live Map

Check out this live map rendering of MCJ world. It is pretty big with lots of towns and buildings.

minecraft smp

We’ve added more perks for donations. You can see the breakdown on this donation page. As usual, if you donate, please do not forget to type in your in game name in the PayPal comments or notes section. If you forgot to do so, please contact us with your in game name as soon as […]


Here is another reason to try Minecraft SMP Server instead of just playing same old same single player. Looks like couple of people came up with a way to play miniature golf in Minecraft land, lol. Looks like this does not require any mods or any special minecraft multiplayer commands,  just some snowballs and whatever […]

minecraft smp

Minecraft SMP  what does it stand for? SMP is for Survival Multi Player… now you can impress your friends and family by using this fancy shmansy abbreviation. So you’ve played single player Minecraft and now your fingers are itching to play some good ole zombie survival with other people online. You know your terminology, (you […]


Minecraft Server Properties is the most important config file you will have when you running Minecraft Server. It is a small text file with .txt extension that will get generated in your Minecraft folder after you run your server executable  for the first time. It is pretty straight forward but some people still confused on […]


In case you did not know, we have Mob Arena now… What is Mob Arena you ask? Imagine Left 4 Dead but Minecraft style. You and your friends have to fight waves and waves of various Mobs. Each wave gets harder and harder to beat. With each wave that you survive you get a prize. […]


We finally took a plunge and updated to bukkit beta release 1.2.3 . For now there might be some bugs since its not a full RB build for bukkit. Also, we were not able to transfer your money from the old iConomy to the new version of that plugin. As of now all users got […]


First thing first, we’ve updated MCMMO player stats and removed banned players stats… thanks Nico. Also, we added new menu to the MCJ website with all important links. One of those links is IRC web chat. You will be able to connect to our IRC chat room via web and see live chat between players […]

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MCJ Status

MCJ Server Status CHANGES TO THE SERVER PORT Mumble server: Port: 31201 Click here to connnect

Vote for MCJ server

Get extra in game cash for voting for our server:

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